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EduShots is an online educational platform for technology, finance, economics and management enthusiasts. At EduShots, we provide you original, organized, visualizable and systematic rich-quality content with the case-studies of industrial tools & techniques with the examples of real-life applications. The content includes blogs, infographics, e-books for the sub-domains of tech, management, and finance disciplines.

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“Our vision is to deliver an updated rich-quality content to the people, so that they can understand the modern technological & managerial stuffs used within the corporates.”

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Emerging Technologies

Although! There is no doubt that reputed businesses, institutes, and universities are transforming the world, but it is not easy to understand the modern emerging-technologies due to their incredibly speediness, and in-depth complexities.

Some of the emerging technologies are internet of things (IoT), blockchain, cloud computing, augmented reality/ virtual reality/ mixed reality (AR/VR/MR), data science, artificial intelligence and its subsets such as machine Learning and deep Learning.

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Economics & Finance

In this era of emerging technologies and efficient management frameworks, the world has listed several empires. Those empires promoted capitalism to grow their respective economies. While living within the game of competitive markets, it becomes mandatory to know about the distribution and management of money and limited resources. In which money deals with finance, and distribution of limited resources deals with economics.

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Business Management

No matter what, whether we talk about innovative transformational introductions or about traditional businesses, business management plays a great role within the firms. Innovators or product designers can just bring the change and modify or invent a product, but it is management who introduces the deployment processes and make sure that the company should be profitable. Same as technologies, more efficient business frameworks have been introducing and applying within the firms day-by-day.

Some of the main sub-domains of business management foundations are entrepreneurship, marketing management, operations management, human capital management, product management, corporate finance and financial accounting.

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